Friday, February 22, 2013


I see my last post is nearing its first birthday. Oops! I have oodles of new things to show you but I wanted to pop on really quick and give you a preview of what is to come.

These pictures were taken at my desk at work. They are not fantastic but I wanted to play around with a new picture editor I am trying.

Here are a few of my current designs. The tiny owl is something I designed yesterday. I imagine the next one will be a little quicker and maybe less bumpy! The first one is always an experiment! The catnip cheeseburger is from last year but everyone I make either gets given away or sells at a craft fair, so the old mantra is true- "If it ain't broke, don't fix it." And the whale family is part of a collection I am working on. I already have a jelly fish family and in the near future I will be making an owl family and if inspiration strikes, another land family!

I am really really going to make a point to update on the weekends or at least before craft fair time to show my new stuff. Maybe one day I will even post a photo tutorial on one of my little critters! So, hopefully you will find that I am not a liar and my pants do not suddenly catch fire!

Happy Hooking,