Monday, April 25, 2011

More Cat Toys!

After making the catnip traffic cone I decided I need to make one for the Etsy shop! So I made another, this one is slightly taller and slimmer (I didn't remember what I had done last time, lol!). And then I thought it would be cute to make a traffic light to go with it!

So then I decided to make a cupcake and stuff it with catnip. I love making cupcakes so this was a given!

After that I had the idea to make a cheeseburger catnip toy after the cheezburger network! I love lol cats and I thought it would be fun to make a cheeseburger that a cat would really love!

To see more images, visit my Etsy shop!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Crocheted Animal Toys

After making my cheeseburger I wanted to make a hot dog toy for my puppy!

Again, no pattern. I just went for it and I learned well from my mistakes! I didn't have the proper color for the dog but I don't think Tanner minds :)  It also has a squeaker from a dead toy at mom's house!

And since I made Tanner a toy I figured I needed to make one for everybody! Cleo was first since her 15th birthday was last month! She is an old kitty but she still loves catnip! I really wanted to crochet with orange yarn. I rarely use orange and I was just in an orange mood this evening. So I started thinking about orange things. I thought of a traffic cone and I just laughed at the thought of a catnip traffic cone. It NEEDED to be done! Cleo will be getting this tomorrow, I hope she likes it!

If anyone is wondering exactly how to put catnip in a crocheted item, it's easy! Just make a small bag with scrap fabric, fill, and stitch closed. When I make catnip toys (I have made sushi, a fortune cookie, and a Golden Snitch for my friend's cat Potter!) I just stuff the ami with the sachet and it is usually so tight no other stuffing is required! :)

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Zero calorie, zero fat cheeseburger!

I made a cheeseburger!

This cheeseburger may have started another one of my crazes (see last week: potholder mania!). I have been thinking of so many foods and all of my family members are telling me that I need fries and a drink to go with my burger! So my new catchphrase for the week is "If you can cook it, I can hook it!"

Yarn-burger: Sesame seed bun with ketchup and mustard swirled on the bread, grilled hamburger patty, cheese, 3 strips of bacon, lettuce, tomato slice, 3 onion slices, and 3 pickle chips!

When I first started hooking (haha, I had to!) I saw a pattern for a set of coasters that, when stacked, looked like a cheeseburger! I thought it was clever but I could not have read that pattern to save my life!

 So it has been a year since I started crocheting and I thought of that pattern again. But now-a-days I hate following patterns! A few months into my crochet fever I started making changes to every pattern I came across. I seemed to always find a better or easier way so I stopped reading patterns and started creating my own instead. I love that people share their patterns online and that there are endless resources for the inspiration-blocked crafter, but I have found that if I just sit down with a hook and yarn I can create whatever I want!

Guess what's next?