Friday, May 27, 2011

Mario Mania!

One night I was crocheting a Golden Snitch and when I was halfway done I thought it looked like a little hat with wings. I automatically thought Mario Wing Cap.

So I made one! And then I started getting bombarded with ideas of other Mario stuff I needed to make! I have a little collection going on and I will be making some different enemies to list with the others on Etsy!

Cute, right?


  1. I just love these Lace!

    I can't stop ooohing and aaahhhing over them. They are so fun and cute!

  2. Been looking to make wings for a cap, do you have the pattern for the wings? Can't for the lie of me figure it out :S. Please email me at thank you ;)

  3. Would love to see the cap pattern! Can't find you on etsy, are you there?

    1. Sorry, I am not on etsy! This is just a mini hat, about 3" across. I can post the pattern if you still want it!

    2. Please post it!! they're just adorable, would really love to make one...

  4. please post the patterns,they are awesome! :D