Thursday, November 10, 2011

Tropical Crocheted Chip Clips

I was bored one gloomy Saturday so I crocheted a wee little sunshine to lift my mood. It was so cute and since it only took a few minutes to work up I decided to work up some more tropical themed minis.

The fruits of my fun little paradise afternoon sat themselves in my yarn basket for weeks. Then today I decided to give them a purpose! I always wanted to put them on magnets but I chose clothes pins and magnets. This way they are twice as useful, clip a bag of chips or stick something to the fridge!

This set is for mom but I will be listing a set like this one and possibly a few other sets in my Etsy shop that will be opening soon!


  1. SQUEEEEE! I love these! They are so useful, and fit my tropical beachy theme :D